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Golden Grass Field | Jordan Woodley

Last week, I met back up with Jordan - who you may know as the photographer I collaborated with on this shoot. She was wanting to do a trade shoot, and I was in need of a couple branding headshots, so win/win! She was looking to do some cute photos, of her self, with tall grass. And I knew a place with tall grass, Iron Mountain Trail! Even though the trail is in San Diego County, it's more in land so it was hot while shooting. But we made it work and took plenty of water. Thankfully the trail has trees right by the tall grass field, so we didn't get too hot while shooting! It was a quick shoot, but a fun one! However, we did get some nice stickers in our socks though, but totally worth it for the photos we got! Check out the photos I shot of Jordan below:


Model: Jordan Woodley - Photography Instagram | Personal Instagram | Website

Photography by A. Gonzales (A.G. Photography)

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