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Sunset Engagement | Sarah & Caleb

What can be more beautiful than love? Nothing, but a beautiful sunset definitely can add more beauty to it!

And indeed a sunset did just that for Sarah and Caleb's engagement photos! Sarah and Caleb were the cutest couple! They made me job so easy! They were so in love with each other, from being cute and cuddly with each other, to giggly, to having genuine fun with each other. They were a thrill to capture!

They were so easy going and both had such a "oh yeah, we can do that!" attitude to any of the poses and prompts I gave them. Which to be honest, they really didn't need any help with posing, as they were just so in love and fun with each other. Absolutely loved capturing their engagement photos for them! Check out a few of their engagement photos below:


Photography by A. Gonzales (A.G. Photography)


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