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La Jolla Anniversary | Monica & Josh

Happy Anniversary to Monica and Josh! I had the honor and pleasure of capturing couple photos of Monica and Josh for their anniversary, while on their anniversary a couple weeks ago!

Monica and Josh were such a sweet couple to meet and photograph! They had mentioned before the shoot that they would need some help with posing, as they could be awkward sometimes, but honestly, they were not awkward at all! They were so in love with each other, that it shined bright. I honestly didn't really have to pose them, I just let them follow together naturally and capture their natural love for each other! Truly a beautiful couple! It was also such a beautiful day in La Jolla! Not too hot, not too cold, sunny. perfect amount of breeze, a nearly empty beach, and a perfect sunset to end the day! Check out a few of the photos below:

Also, be sure to catch Monica and Josh on MTV's Love at First Lie that just premiered in October 2022! ___________________________________________

Photography by A. Gonzales (A.G. Photography)


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