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Sunset Gender Reveal | Shaylinn & Cory

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

In November, Shaylinn contacted me and my videography partner to shoot and document her and her significant other. The theme of the shoot would be a gender reveal. A gender reveal of her identical twins! 

They wanted to do the reveal on the beach at sunset. Which of course, we said yes! 

The day of the reveal was beautiful. There was a slight breeze which made Shaylinn's hair look beautiful in the photos. As well as kept all of us cool. The sky was clear blue, with just the right amount of clouds. Shaylinn and Cory handed us the sonogram, which reveal the gender, to us. The videographer and I (and my mother, who came along to help) were the first to know. They brought along smoke bombs to reveal the gender, which is where my mother's help came in. My mother was the one to light the smoke bomb, while the couple hand their eyes closed.

The reveal was beautiful.  I snapped away, while Izaac (videographer) filmed. Once I yelled for them to open their eyes, their reactions were amazing. The joy in both of them, and love for each other and their babies. We all teared up and were just as happy as they were for them. 

A lovely family, in a nearby beach home came out to congratulate them. It was adorable. You could feel the love for Shaylinn and Cory, and their babies. 

After the reveal was done, we had them light the second smoke bomb to finish up photos. And get the awesome sunset in the background. 

This shoot is my favorite memory and shoot I've done. 

Congratulations to Shaylinn and Cory! 

Thank you for letting us be apart of your beautiful moment and letting us capture it. 


Keep scrolling for the photos and the video!


Photography by A. Gonzales (A.G. Photography) Drone Videography by Izaac Rudd (Vertical Concept) Close Up Videography and Video Editing by A. Gonzales (A.G. Photography) Smoke Bomb Assistant  - Berlinda Gomez

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