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REZ GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING | Suzy Hill x B.Yellowtail

Rez Girls Can Do Anything campaign helps to share and fund incredible Rez Girls who inspire us daily!

For the month of March, Women's History Month, B.Yellowtail is sharing stories from Rez Girls to inspire and shine light on their beautiful lives. B.Yellowtail also has tees you can shop from this campaign. A portion of the sales from each tee will go towards the Rez Girls Mentorship Fund!

Although we don’t often see ourselves or our stories reflected in popular culture, we know that Rez Girls are our own role models and Rez Girls can do anything!

As an indigenous women myself, it's always a joy and honor to capture other indigenous models, creatives, and their stories. As well as, support indigenous businesses.

So when Suzy reached out to me to help capture these images for B.Yellowtail's campaign, I immediately said yes! I absolutely loved capturing these photos of Suzy and her girls for B.Yellowtail's campaign! Check out the photos below:

Rez Girls Can Do Anything Campaign -


Model: Suzy Hill - Instagram

Photography by A. Gonzales (A.G. Photography)

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