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London Fashion Week '19 | Chanel Joan Elkayam

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Last month, I attended my first fashion show. My first fashion show in London! Designer Chanel Joan Elkayam invited me last year to attend her 2019 show. I, of course, RSVP'd.

Her show was amazing! Her collection and designs where beautiful! Some of her designs were inspired by iconic females, which you can clearly tell. Her theme was "I Don't Follow, I Lead.", and you can clearly tell by her collection that she leads! Each and every one of her designs in this collection were unique, and stood out. Such great work from her!

Check out the photos below:

"I Don't Follow, I Lead" Shirt Worn By Munroe Bergdorf

Show: Chanel Joan Elkayam

For: London Fashion Week 2019

Featured on Chanel Joan Elkayam's Instagram.


Photography by A. Gonzales (A.G. Photography)

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