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Golden Beach Town Vibes - Victoria Beach | Belle V.

Strolling the neighborhoods by Victoria Beach in Laguna Hills... snapping pics, laughing, talking, and having a fun time while shooting with the lovely model Belle! Did I mention how hot, weather wise, it was?! No? Well, let me mention it now.

IT WAS 90 DEGREES ON THE BEACH! Can you believe that? I couldn't!

And if you've ever been to Victoria Beach, you know those hills are killer to walk up! And it was hot! AH! The walk back to our cars was painful, lol.

BUT.... IT WAS WORTH IT! (Side note: I did this shoot right after shooting an elopement that morning/noon. I was heat exhausted and just generally tired after... but again, worth it!) Despite, the heat and the multiple breaks Belle and I took to drink water, and cool off with our mini fans. We got some amazing beach town/neighborhood photos, and on the beach photos! Belle and I collaborated on the outfits. We played off each other's ideas, and both brought different pieces of clothing, (sweaters, bathing suits, shorts, etc). It was so much fun to work with Belle. She's a new model, just starting out, but a NATURAL in front of the camera! Definitely look out for in the future! Amazing model!

Check out the photos below:

(Above) Published in VIGOUR Magazine's Black & White - December 2022 Issue


> Model: Belle V. - Instagram > Photography by A. Gonzales (A.G. Photography)


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