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Portrait Information Guide


Let me capture your milestones and moments in-between!

Package Options:

Solo Portraits

UN & DEUX Package

~ Solo Portraits ~

Starting at $175



~ Senior & Graduation Portraits ~

Starting at $275

Couple & Engagment Portraits

L'AMOUR Package

~ Couple & Engagement Portraits ~

Starting at $350

Maternity Portraits


~ Maternity Portraits ~

Starting at $325


~ Elopement/Wedding ~

Starting at $575



- ADDITIONAL LOCATION (within 3 mile radius): +$40

- ADDITIONAL PHOTOS: +$2.50 per photo

For NOTRE AMOUR Package - 

- ADDITIONAL HOUR(S): +$250 per hour

(each additional hour includes 20 additional photos)

Note About Locations:

For UN Package, I recommend a versatile location, such as Balboa Park.
We can shoot one outfit with different backgrounds all in the same location.

For DUEX package, DIPLÔMÉ Package, L'AMOUR package, ENCEINTE package, and NOTRE AMOUR package,

locations must be within 3 Miles of each other. 

For all packages, additional locations within a 3 mile radius are an additional $40.
Additional person(s) are $50, does not include more photos.
Additional photos are $2.50 per photo.

If you are looking for Influencer/Blogger Portrait Packages, click here.

Client(s)' is responsible for their lyft/uber, or own car, gas, parking, etc. 

Please give yourself enough time to get to the location(s)/session.

Arrive to location(s)/session 15 minutes before actual session time.

Travel Fees: Depending on where you want your photographs done, (ex. Los Angeles, Anaheim, Disneyland), there could be a travel fee.

  • Locations in San Diego County have no travel fee. 

  • Locations in Anaheim, Los Angeles, and Malibu have a travel fee of $50.

  • Locations in Disneyland Parks & Resort have a travel, parking, two park ticket fee of $300.

  • Locations in Las Vegas, NV have a travel fee of $500. 

  • Locations in cities and states outside of the locations mentioned above have a travel fee of 50¢ per mile, plus incidentals (which vary).

- Destination location travel fees will be billed via Pixieset Invoice and will be sent along with the print release contract. 
- Any add ons, such as video montage, additional photos, additional location, and additional persons, will be added onto the remaining balance invoice.


How Will I Receive My Photos?

You will receive the retouched and edited photos/files within in 2-3 weeks (14-21 business days) of your session. 
6-8 weeks for weddings.

You will receive all of the photos/files via Pixieset.

Photos will be displayed in a gallery on Pixieset. You will be able to share and view the gallery with anyone you want. 
Download and gallery viewing expire 30 days after you receive the gallery.  So be sure to download your images asap!

Make sure to save and backup your images! 

Do I get to select my photos?

A proofing gallery of all the best photos from your session will be uploaded for you to choose which photos you would

You are able to select as many photos as you like, however, if the amount is more than what is in your contract photography package - there will be an additional photo(s) invoice sent to you prior to the editing and retouching phase begins.

Additional photos are $2.50 per photo.


The photos I do not deliver are either repeats, blurry/out-of-focus, shots of you blinking or mid-sentence talking.

Note; Proofing Photos are uploaded unedited, un-retouched, and low resolution, with a PROOF watermark on them.


How Will I My Photos Be Edited and Retouched?

Once you've selected your photos, photos will be edited - color corrected, exposure corrected, straighted, cropped, etc -

and retouched - fly aways taken out, pimples removed, people or objects removed from background, etc.

*I will not edit you to be thinner, taller, double chins, or any cosmetic changes that are not a pimple(s) or flyways.

You are beautiful the way you are!

Example Below:


Booking Your Session

I require a 50% non-refundable retainer/deposit to secure your session date and time.

*50% of the session price, with the remaining balance to be paid the day of session.

If a destination location with a travel fee has been chosen, an invoice will be billed to you via Pixieset Invoice,
and will be sent along with the print release contract.

If any add on, such as video montage, additional photos, additional location, and additional persons,
price for those will be added onto the remaining balance invoice.

The remaining session balance is due day of session, immediately after the session has completed.

I accept cash, card, and online invoice.

*Nothing is booked until the 50% retainer has been paid, print release contract has been signed,
and destination location travel fee invoice has been paid..

What happens if you need to cancel/weather is bad/family emergency?

If the weather is crazy/out of control, your sick, family emergency, etc., you can put your deposit toward a re-scheduled session.

If I cancel the session, your deposit will be refunded. 

However, if you are more than 15 minutes late or don't show up to the session, the deposit will not be refunded.

You will then have the option to book another session and pay a new deposit. 


Location Ideas:

San Diego County - 

Orange County - 

Los Angeles - 

Las Vegas -