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Pin-Up Horse Shoot | Stacy & Jess

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Hello! It's been a while since I've posted a blog... but I'm back! Back with amazing and fun photos! 

In July, I worked with Stacy, again, and her friend Jess. This shoot was different for me, it involved a horse. A Vintage and Glam Horse Shoot. I have never worked with a horse before, especially photographing with one. It was less of a challenge than I had expected. The horse was named Dakota, she was absolutely lovely. Calm and cooperative during the whole shoot. She was also owned by Jess, so that for sure helped keep the horse calm.

Both models were easy peasy to photography. Both gorgeous and super fun to work with the entire shoot. Both were also badass for being able to were high heels in the grass and while riding the horse! 

The setting and scenery were great and beautiful. We shoot under a big tree, that gave us all shade and breeze since it was super hot out. The shade from the tree also gave such beautiful lighting. Mellowing out the harsh, clear blue sun light. 

Vertical Concept assisted and helped capture some awesome behind the scenes footage. As well as give some great jokes to keep the models laughing and help bring out their natural beautiful smiles. Thanks VC! 

Overall, the shoot was a success and has gone down in my books of favorite shoots.


Keep scrolling for photos and the bts video!

Published in Sex Kitten Pin Up Magazine in September 2018; Volume 1, Issue #4.

Featured in SD Voyager Magazine in 2019.


Model - Stacy (Hairstylist and Model) Model - Jessie

Photography by A. Gonzales (A.G. Photography) Photography Assistant - Izaac Rudd (Vertical Concept)

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