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THREE BRAND NEW PRESETS!!! It's been 2 years since I open my shop and released three presets for Lightroom Mobile. Since then I've been working on creating more to share with you all. And now they are complete and ready to be shared and used! I made THREE brand new presets! For Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom Classic, so you can use them on your phone and computer!

I've also updated the previous presets, (Natural Dream, Vintage Paris, and Blue Skies), to work on Lightroom Classic. So you can use those on both now too! I'm so excited for you all to check them out, and use them! Check out the new ones below (and the updated ones): >The first NEW preset is Muted Grace! This preset is for those who want a clean look with muted tones. Something different than the moody, darker tones of most muted presets. Click through to see before and afters:

>The second NEW preset is Simply Good! This preset is for those who like a simple and natural look to their photos, but want to add some tones to it. Click through to see before and afters:

>The third NEW preset is Black & White! This is a preset for those who like black and white photos. It gives great tones and contrast to the photo, so it doesn't look flat, as black and white colors tend to fall flat sometimes. Click through to see before and afters:

Updated Presets: These are the same beautiful presets as before! I just made them accessible on Lightroom Classic. As before, they were only accessible on Lightroom Mobile.

I did however used them on some more recent photos, so check out the presets on those photos below!

Natural Dream - This preset is for those who love a bright and clean style, with a little bit of a dreamy effect.

Vintage Paris - This preset is for those who love a more romantic and vintage style.

Blue Skies - This preset is for those who love a vibrant, colorful, and sharp look with a bit of a dream glow.

Click below to purchase them!

How to download and install the preset into Lightroom Mobile:


Photography by A. Gonzales (A.G. Photography)

Presets by A. Gonzales (A.G. Photography) Video by A. Gonzales (A.G. Photography)

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