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iPhone Self Portraits | A.G. Photography

New hair means new updated headshots! Well, I did just that, but with my iPhone! Why? Mainly because my cameras decided to have an off day and refuse to connect with my phone remote and camera remotes. So, I went with the next thing, my iPhone. I was already dressed, and had my make up & hair done. And I was definitely not letting that go to waste. So, I put my iPhone on a tripod, set it to portrait mode, and used my watch as a remote. Gave myself a confidence pep talk, because I definitely prefer being behind the camera, rather than in front of it. And started... snapping away. The photos didn't come out too bad! They came out surprising well! Besides a few flaws in bokeh, if you zoom in a lot. They look as if I took them on a DLSR. I am pretty pleased with how they came out! If I'm in this similar situation again, I would for sure use my phone again.

However, I do prefer my Nikon images more! Check out how some of the iPhone headshots came out and my new hair color:


Model: Me - Instagram | Website

Photography by A. Gonzales (A.G. Photography)

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