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Disneyland Or Not Disneyland? | Maycee & Kaylee

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

I thought it'd be fun to find spots through out Disneyland that didn't look like Disneyland, and spots that are obviously Disneyland. I personally think these photos capture that. Two models helped me achieve this. We shot in various places through out Disneyland park. We started just off Main Street, at the Jolly Holiday. I wanted to capture Main Street in the back, and the bright yellow umbrellas. Next, the area before the Castle, and the Castle. I wanted to capture the sunniness of the day and pink blossoms. Fantasy Land was after that. We shot in a few places through out that land. Rabbit's Door, with Rabbit, a walk way going towards It's a Small World, and a wall near that ride, and the area by Mickey and the Magical Map amphitheater. The walk way gives hints to being at Disneyland which I really like in the photos. The area by amphitheater, is definitely hard to tell where exactly the setting is. I really love that! After, we shot in Adventure Land and New Orleans Square. We used a stair case near Jungle Cruise, which most people don't notice. It doesn't look like your at Disneyland at all. Until you pay attention to small details around it. We then used a small balcony near Cafe Orleans. I wanted to capture Mark Twain's Riverboat in the back, as well as New Orleans Square in the back. Along with some hints of Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Finally, we shot near and in Critter Country. First we went to an area often hidden going towards Critter Country. With the trees all around it, it's hard to believe it was shot in Disneyland. Until you turn a little ways and get beautiful Splash Mountain in the back! We then went to The Many Adventure's of Winnie the Pooh ride. My focus was getting the tier of honey pots in the background, and the cabin buildings around. Maycee and Kaylee, up and coming models, were absolute naturals in front of the camera. A pleasure to work with!

Check out the photos below:

Main Street Area: Jolly Holiday, Middle Area, Castle - (Scroll through them.)

Fantasy Land: Rabbit and Rabbit's Door, Walk Way and Wall Near It's a Small World, Mickey and the Magical Map Amphitheater Area -

Adventure Land: Staircase Near Jungle Cruise -

New Orleans Square -

Near Critter Country with Splash Mountain in the Back -

Critter Country: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh


Photography by A. Gonzales (A.G. Photography)

Models - Maycee C. & Kaylee B.

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