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Hello! Ha'u! Hola!


I'm Alvi!

My name is Alvinita, but you can call me Alvi! I love sunsets, tea, the beach, Jesus, and a good cookie! When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me baking, watching classic movies, napping, sewing, or roaming around different beach towns!

I love being able to capture the beauty of people, whether it's just their beauty - modeling, an achievement in their life like graduating, or life moments - engagement, wedding, maternity. I call it capturing instead of photographing, as I have and continue to capture memories for beautiful and amazing people.


Capturing a memory in photo form is like a small time machine to the past that you get to keep forever and can go back to over and over again!

A little more about me...

I'm Mexican and Hopi!

(Hopi is a small Native American Tribe from Arizona.)


I take a lot of pride in my cultures, and try to incorporate elements from them into my every day living. From the food I eat, to adding small details to my fashion/clothing, to the way I think and go about life. 

Photo taken by Marisa Glaser Creative | Edited by Me

A.G. Photography - Headshot
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